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What is "sustainable water treatment"?
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World-Class Water Treatment

Dolphin WaterCare  is a total solution that leverages its proven technology along with comprehensive water treatment performed by professionals with extensive water treatment and HVAC expertise.  The health of your system and your satisfaction are our top priorities.
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The Sustainable Choice

Our customers enjoy the full spectrum of sustainable benefits including: improved facility safety, water and energy savings, reduced carbon footprint and points towards LEED® certification.
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46301404_thumbnail The Smart Choice

Dolphin is the trusted water treatment provider of some of the world's most recognized brands in hospitality, healthcare, data centers, retail, education, manufacturing and food processing.
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Why Sustainable Water Treatment?

We understand that your HVAC system is the heart of your facility and that vigilant water treatment is crucial to ensuring the overall health of your facility.  By choosing sustainable water treatment you are not only contributing to a cleaner environment, you are ensuring that your facility is more efficient, safe and prosperous.  

Eliminate Chemicals
  • Ensure employee/customer safety by ending the handling, storage and exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Improve the environment by eliminating risks of spills and drift of toxic biocides and corrosion inhibitors
  • Stop the headaches associated with chemical pumps with moving parts that are prone to failure
Water and Energy Savings
  • In most cases Dolphin WaterCare reduces water use through higher cycles of concentration
  • Chemical-free blow down water can be reused for secondary applications (irrigation, greywater)
  • Dolphin WaterCare eliminates biofilm ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency
Reduced Operating Costs
  • Dolphin WaterCare delivers world-class water treatment without the use of chemicals
  • Reduction of makeup water requirements and improved energy efficiency results in real cost savings
Peace of Mind
  • With Dolphin WaterCare service, not only is your cooling system in great hands, you can also rest assured knowing that your Dolphin system includes up to a 10-year warranty!

Dolphin Technology Rigorously Evaluated and Proven Through Independent Research Studies

"Independent evaluation of 28 operating field cooling tower water systems showed without any doubt that the NCDs known as Pulse Electric Field Devices (PEFDs) can provide excellent to very good total bacteria control under a variety of operating conditions and water quality."
- Paul Puckorius, CTI Paper No: TP 12-10

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New Call-to-action Already a Dolphin Customer?  Get the most from your Dolphin System by downloading the Dolphin Essentials Kit which includes: Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual (IOM), FAQ for owners and technical notes on water treatment. Dolphin WaterCare: Top 10 Myths
Harry Hobbs - InterContinental Hotel San Francisco

“The Dolphin is that rare solution that delivers on all of its promises; our water bills are dramatically lower, our HVAC system is in excellent health and we have removed open loop cooling water treatment chemicals from the facility.  I am very enthusiastic about expanding our partnership with Dolphin WaterCare to additional IHG properties.”

Harry Hobbs
Director of Engineering, InterContinental Hotel Group

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Download the Dolphin WaterCare Customer Value Proposition Presentation Download this detailed whitepaper showing how the Dolphin System can qualify for 1-7 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points for Existing Buildings. Dolphin Non-Chemical Water Treatment Press Room

Dolphin WaterCare: Trusted by the World's Most Respected Organizations

We are proud that many of our customers are repeat customers who have been delighted with the significant water savings, reduced operating expenses and improved facility safety they have realized with Dolphin WaterCare.