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Dolphin WaterCare Service: A Visual Walk-through of Dolphin Water Treatment

Posted by Mike Glynn on January 10, 2014 @ 04:14 PM

In 2011, Clearwater Systems developed and launched a Service Organization to deliver world-class water treatment service to accompany its best-in-class sustainable water treatment technology, the Dolphin WaterCare System.    This service capability, coupled with the time-tested Dolphin system, has enabled Dolphin WaterCare to fulfill the long-standing promise of a complete sustainable water treatment solution by providing comprehensive water treatment as well as the required oversight for some of the world’s most demanding organizations.    Scroll through the 8 key elements of Dolphin Service:


Dolphin WaterCare technicians perform visual inspections of the cooling tower to inspect the tower fill or cooling media as well as check for any deposits on the wall/tubes that might impact flow across the area.


Dolphin water treatment includes extensive on-site water testing to provide a comprehensive view of overall system health.  Tests include: calcium/magnesium/total hardness, total iron/copper/alkalinity, chlorides, conductivity, pH, water temp, etc.. These measurements are analyzed by our highly-skilled technicians who can then implement real-time adjustments to maintain proper cooling water conditions.


Our service professionals monitor bacteria levels by performing  dip slide tests on tower water.  The slide is placed in a vial for 48 hours and then inspected to determine bacteria levels.    We also perform full Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) tests through certified 3rd party laboratories.  It is not uncommon for Dolphin-treated systems to exhibit HPC counts at or near drinking-water quality.


Ensuring the long-term health of our customer’s system through corrosion monitoring is a key element of Dolphin WaterCare service.  Based on Materials of Construction, we can provide the appropriate corrosion coupon testing and analysis.  Above: the Dolphin service technician installs new corrosion coupons    (at 90 days they’re sent to an independent laboratory to be cleaned and weighed).


A Dolphin service professional enters an up-to-date set point (as determined by the results of testing performed earlier in the visit).  The Dolphin treats water physically (as opposed to chemically) to achieve excellent control of scale, corrosion and biological activity.  To accomplish this, the Dolphin system activates suspended particles present in cooling water enabling precipitation to occur around the suspended particles rather than forming scale on the walls/tubes of equipment.  Thus, a Dolphin-treated system operates in a saturated environment where calcium carbonate precipitates from solution lowering the water conductivity. 


During each visit, your Dolphin service professional ensures effective and efficient function of your Dolphin system through testing of the Dolphin signal generator.  In addition to physical checks (such as air filter, fan, etc.) voltage and amperage tests are conducted as well as an oscilloscope reading to verify peak-to-peak voltage, and frequency of Dolphin’s pulsed-power signal.


The Dolphin treatment module contains no moving parts and is extremely robust.  During service visits, the Dolphin’s air vents are inspected, shell temperature is checked and all structural supports are inspected.


Customers receive a custom system health report after every service visit.  Reports include easy-to-read dashboard-style summaries as well as detailed trend graphs for the full cooling season; A qualitative summary with insights and recommendations is also included.


Since 2011 Dolphin WaterCare has delivered dependable and reliable sustainable water treatment service along with its time-tested and proven technology to achieve excellent biological, scale and corrosion control while delivering water and economic savings to our customers.  Month after month. Year after year.

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Impressive Results: Dolphin WaterCare at the San Francisco InterContinental Hotel

The InterContinental Hotel Group has seen terrific system performance, water savings and financial benefits for nearly two full years with the Dolphin WaterCare solution at their flagship LEED-certified property in San Francisco.  Follow the link below to download a detailed project profile for this installation and take a look at the impressive cooling tower performance data (includes actual data figures on operational cost savings, water savings, certified corrosion coupon results, certified biological (HPC) results, etc.).

Download the Dolphin WaterCare Project Profile: InterContinental Hotel, San Francisco

Project Profile: InterContinental Hotel, San Francisco




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