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Dolphin WaterCare Helps California Hoteliers Respond to Drought

Posted by Mike Glynn on October 15, 2014 @ 11:32 AM



"You need not take more than a quick glance at the U.S. Drought Monitor to see that something is awry in California."  This is the lead to the recent article in Green Lodging News about resources available to help California hoteliers respond to the current and prolonged drought.

In June, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) announced it was sending IHG Green Engage Water Conservation Kits to 230 hotels in California, including Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo and Holiday Inn hotels to help do their part in further reducing their water use.

In its press release, IHG mentioned the many accomplishments of the InterContinental San Francisco, a LEED Gold hotel, that is saving an estimated two million gallons of water per year with low flow faucets, high-efficiency toilets, and a sustainable HVAC cooling water treatment system called Dolphin WaterCare. The Dolphin system alone is helping the hotel save approximately 1 million gallons of water annually. Previously, the hotel used traditional chemical-based water treatment for cooling water, which required routinely wheeling chemical-filled barrels through the main lobby and penthouse level hallway for delivery to the rooftop HVAC room. 


The sustainable Dolphin WaterCare system leverages pulse-power technology to impart a broad spectrum of electro-magnetic fields into the flowing cooling tower water. This removes the static charge from naturally-occurring particles present in cooling water and results in scale prevention, corrosion control, biological control, improved heat transfer, and a reduction in water use.  

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Dolphin WaterCare Installed at a California Hotel
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Significant Water and Energy Savings Possible for Healthcare Facilities With Dolphin WaterCare

Posted by Mike Glynn on October 15, 2014 @ 10:30 AM



An oft-forgotten savings opportunity for healthcare and hospitals relates to how their cooling water is treated.  This opportunity is explored in latest issue of Business Energy Magazine which discusses how Dolphin WaterCare - the trusted leader in sustainable water treatment - is helping facilities improve their water and energy efficiency while also providing a safer environment for staff and patients.  

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Water Treatment

Posted by Mike Glynn on April 23, 2014 @ 10:36 AM


Dolphin_installation   DolphinWatercare-3140   DolphinWatercare-2095   DolphinWatercare-2242


Top 5 Reasons to choose sustainable water treatment

Dolphin WaterCare has been providing environmentally responsible water treatment solutions for over 15 years.  Our proven, patented technology has been installed in cooling towers and condensers treating chilling systems, process heat exchangers, cooling towers, refrigeration and other process equipment at a wide range of facilities around the World, including supermarkets, hotels, datacenters, processing plants, campus environments and many more.


Eliminate Chemicals, Go Green!

Environmental health and safety of your facility is improved by eliminating the risks associated with the complete life-cycle of chemicals used in traditional cooling water treatment.  In fact, Dolphin has earned LEED points towards more than 350 LEED-certified buildings (including new construction and retrofit/EBOM).  See how Dolphin WaterCare works


World-class Water Treatment

Our highly-skilled technicians are equipped with the skills and tools to handle any water treatment-related issue.  They also deliver comprehensive service reports that detail the full health of your cooling system.  Take a virtual tour through a Dolphin Service Visit




Water and Energy Savings

In most cases, Dolphin WaterCare enables water savings through higher cycles of concentration.  Additionally, the blowdown water is chemical-free which allows for re-use of this water for secondary applications.  And, by eliminating biofilm, optimal heat transfer efficiency is ensured.  See the water savings achieved by the InterContinental Hotel when they switched from chemicals to Dolphin


Reduced Operating Costs

For some, this is reason #1 to switch to sustainable water treatment!  By providing world-class water treatment without the use of chemicals, your facility saves money.  And, when you consider the cost savings from water use reduction and energy efficiency improvements, you have a rare three'fer: water, energy and cost savings.  See the operational cost savings and payback achieved when the InterContinental Hotel went with a Dolphin retrofit installation to elimiate chemicals


You Call the Shots!

Installing the Dolphin as a retro-fit system is a very simple 4-8 hour process; this means we're ready when you are.  And with a $0 up-front capital cost option, you can start saving money from day one.

Harry Hobbs (Area Director of Engineering with the InterContinental Hotel Group) completed a Dolphin WaterCare retrofit in the iconic SF InterContinental Hotel in 2012.  View the full project profile (including a before/after savings comparison of a Dolphin WaterCare retrofit) of the San Francisco InterContinental Hotel Group) and watch the brief video clip





Bonus Reason


Peace of Mind


With Dolphin WaterCare service, not only is your cooling system in great hands, you can also rest assured knowing that your Dolphin WaterCare system with service includes up to a 10-year extended warranty.  Save water, energy, and money: today and tomorrow!







How Dolphin WaterCare Works Project Profile: InterContinental Hotel, San Francisco  
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Water Use Effectiveness (WUE) and Sustainable Water Treatment in Data Centers

Posted by Mike Glynn on March 19, 2014 @ 10:50 AM


This Saturday (March 22 2014) is the 21st annual World Water Day; a day where the United Nations and its member nations work to raise awareness and implement recommendations regarding the world’s water resources. Useable water is an irreplaceable necessity for worldwide health, food supplies, biomes, and global economic engines. Usable water, and the non-negotiable need for it, is expected to become the single most important issue in the world (many insist it already is). That is a sobering wake-up call that must be heeded by individuals, towns, corporations businesses, states and countries.

Increasingly, businesses and governments are focusing on the critical interplay of water, energy and food supplies – often referred to as the Water Food Energy Nexus (explained very well in this video/animation by SAB Miller). Progressive businesses are adopting new policies and practices aimed at making a significant improvement in their energy and water efficiency. Data centers, which require a tremendous amount of energy and water in their daily operations, are continually monitoring their operations for power use effectiveness (PUE) and water use effectiveness (WUE). Earlier this week a Forbes article illustrated how companies such as Facebook and Ebay have developed their own measurement system to manage key performance indicators for PUE and WUE.

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366x251 206 

GEIT Award

Sustainable cooling water treatment is an important component of data center water and energy efficiency for some of the world’s largest data center operators.  For instance, sustainable water treatment with Dolphin WaterCare was a major factor in Verizon Wireless winning a 2012 Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Award from the Uptime Institute.  The award recognizes the combination of resource efficiency, environmental responsibility, and scalability in building a Tier III, LEED Gold-certified data center data center in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Dolphin WaterCare was installed in the center's cooling system to treat a maximum cooling load of approximately 2,600 tons on this mission critical application.  Use of Dolphin WaterCare results in a water discharge reduction of more than 20% (1.6 million gallons) compared to chemically treated water.  Additionally, the clean Dolphin technology provides the Twinsburg Data Center with an opportunity for water reuse.  By utilizing the discharge water from the cooling tower, grey water applications such as landscape irrigation can be implemented. Given the sustainable operation of Dolphin WaterCare, this Verizon Wireless facility also avoids the cost, use, storage, and waste generated by the use of typical chemical water treatment.

The Dolphin System was also instrumental in helping Harris Corporation and Lee Technologies to win the GEIT Award for a data center in Harrisonburg, Virginia. 

Dolphin WaterCare has a proven track record of cooling water treatment excellence and has become a trusted partner at some of the world’s largest and most rigorous data center operations in the world including several enterprise-level systems. Our mission critical experts can share more about Dolphin applications and successes in data centers. Connect with us to learn more

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Mission Critical - Dolphin WaterCare


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Dolphin WaterCare Service: A Visual Walk-through of Dolphin Water Treatment

Posted by Mike Glynn on January 10, 2014 @ 04:14 PM

In 2011, Clearwater Systems developed and launched a Service Organization to deliver world-class water treatment service to accompany its best-in-class sustainable water treatment technology, the Dolphin WaterCare System.    This service capability, coupled with the time-tested Dolphin system, has enabled Dolphin WaterCare to fulfill the long-standing promise of a complete sustainable water treatment solution by providing comprehensive water treatment as well as the required oversight for some of the world’s most demanding organizations.    Scroll through the 8 key elements of Dolphin Service:


Dolphin WaterCare technicians perform visual inspections of the cooling tower to inspect the tower fill or cooling media as well as check for any deposits on the wall/tubes that might impact flow across the area.


Dolphin water treatment includes extensive on-site water testing to provide a comprehensive view of overall system health.  Tests include: calcium/magnesium/total hardness, total iron/copper/alkalinity, chlorides, conductivity, pH, water temp, etc.. These measurements are analyzed by our highly-skilled technicians who can then implement real-time adjustments to maintain proper cooling water conditions.


Our service professionals monitor bacteria levels by performing  dip slide tests on tower water.  The slide is placed in a vial for 48 hours and then inspected to determine bacteria levels.    We also perform full Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) tests through certified 3rd party laboratories.  It is not uncommon for Dolphin-treated systems to exhibit HPC counts at or near drinking-water quality.


Ensuring the long-term health of our customer’s system through corrosion monitoring is a key element of Dolphin WaterCare service.  Based on Materials of Construction, we can provide the appropriate corrosion coupon testing and analysis.  Above: the Dolphin service technician installs new corrosion coupons    (at 90 days they’re sent to an independent laboratory to be cleaned and weighed).


A Dolphin service professional enters an up-to-date set point (as determined by the results of testing performed earlier in the visit).  The Dolphin treats water physically (as opposed to chemically) to achieve excellent control of scale, corrosion and biological activity.  To accomplish this, the Dolphin system activates suspended particles present in cooling water enabling precipitation to occur around the suspended particles rather than forming scale on the walls/tubes of equipment.  Thus, a Dolphin-treated system operates in a saturated environment where calcium carbonate precipitates from solution lowering the water conductivity. 


During each visit, your Dolphin service professional ensures effective and efficient function of your Dolphin system through testing of the Dolphin signal generator.  In addition to physical checks (such as air filter, fan, etc.) voltage and amperage tests are conducted as well as an oscilloscope reading to verify peak-to-peak voltage, and frequency of Dolphin’s pulsed-power signal.


The Dolphin treatment module contains no moving parts and is extremely robust.  During service visits, the Dolphin’s air vents are inspected, shell temperature is checked and all structural supports are inspected.


Customers receive a custom system health report after every service visit.  Reports include easy-to-read dashboard-style summaries as well as detailed trend graphs for the full cooling season; A qualitative summary with insights and recommendations is also included.


Since 2011 Dolphin WaterCare has delivered dependable and reliable sustainable water treatment service along with its time-tested and proven technology to achieve excellent biological, scale and corrosion control while delivering water and economic savings to our customers.  Month after month. Year after year.

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Impressive Results: Dolphin WaterCare at the San Francisco InterContinental Hotel

The InterContinental Hotel Group has seen terrific system performance, water savings and financial benefits for nearly two full years with the Dolphin WaterCare solution at their flagship LEED-certified property in San Francisco.  Follow the link below to download a detailed project profile for this installation and take a look at the impressive cooling tower performance data (includes actual data figures on operational cost savings, water savings, certified corrosion coupon results, certified biological (HPC) results, etc.).

Download the Dolphin WaterCare Project Profile: InterContinental Hotel, San Francisco

Project Profile: InterContinental Hotel, San Francisco




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Mixed-use Residential Skyscraper Reduces Water Use and Operating Costs Through Dolphin WaterCare Eco-friendly Water Treatment

Posted by Mike Glynn on October 16, 2013 @ 02:14 PM


Progressive New Haven landmark achieves significant water and economic benefits with the eco-friendly Dolphin WaterCare solution®

Built in 2010, 360 State Street in New Haven, CT (a mixed-use/residential skyscraper) has quickly become a landmark in the heart of historic New Haven, Connecticut. The building is one of only 3 in the state of Connecticut to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum status and is setting the tone for sustainable living in New Haven.


  360 State Street Dolphin WaterCare 

The Challenge: Improve facility safety, water efficiency and economic performance

360 State Street has set an uncompromising standard for sustainable building practices. The facility incorporates an impressive list of sustainable features, including: alternative energy fuel cell technology, green vehicle amenities, rainwater recapture system, green roof and advanced energy monitoring and optimization tools. Despite all of these progressive features, the facility was still relying on legacy, chemical-based water treatment for its cooling water which exposed the facility and its occupants to the many risks associated with chemical water treatment. The team at 360 State Street set out to remove the hazards of chemical water treatment while also earning additional points towards LEED certification.


“While LEED points were a driver for the selection of Dolphin WaterCare, the benefits we have seen go much further: our water use is significantly lower, our HVAC system is in excellent health and 360 State Street is an even safer facility as we have eliminated chemicals for cooling water treatment.” – Bruce R. Becker, AIA, AICP, 360 State Street Developer



IMG 4110       

The Solution: Dolphin WaterCare®

360 State Street selected the Dolphin WaterCare solution from Clearwater Systems to replace their chemical water treatment program. The Dolphin WaterCare system is a proven non-chemical water treatment solution for cooling towers that controls scale, corrosion and biological activity while enabling facilities to re-use discharge water from cooling systems that would otherwise be chemical-laden.

The Result: Improved facility safety and a significant reduction in water use and operating costs 

  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Water Savings through improved water efficiency (cycles of concentration ~12.5) 
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Reduced Operating Expenses: elimination of chemical program and benefit of evaporation credits 
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Improved Facility EH&S by eliminating storage, handling and disposal of chemicals
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Excellent HVAC System Health achieved with Dolphin WaterCare water treatment service
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Peace of Mind gained through real-time remote monitoring and oversight of the Dolphin-treated system


Download the PDF version of the 360 State Street Project Profile

describe the image

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The Top 10 Myths of Sustainable Water Treatment

Posted by Mike Glynn on October 10, 2013 @ 03:08 PM

Top 10 Myths of Sustainable Water TreatmentSustainable water treatment solutions represent a transformative shift in how building owners and operators approach cooling tower water treatment.  The Dolphin WaterCare solution, with over 5,000 installations to date, continues to attract both new and repeat customers who have been delighted with the water savings, operational cost savings and level of HVAC system health (control of scale, corrosion and biological activity).

Through Dolphin's proven water treatment performance and extensive field studies over the past 15 years, the efficacy of the Dolphin solution for the control of scale, micrbiological activity and corrosion has been clear demonstrated.  As you can imagine, not everyone is thrilled with this advancement in water treatment technology!  In fact, we often hear from our customers that legacy water treatment companies make uniformed claims about the Dolphin solution in an effort to win them back as customers.  Their claims are many, often creative, and almost always inaccurate.  View the Top Ten Myths of Sustainable Water Treatment (and the truth behind each myth).

Do you have another myth or misconceptions that deserves a place on our list?  Share them in the comments section below this article.


Myth: "The Dolphin technology does not work."

Fact: Dolphin WaterCare is a proven water treatment solution with over 5,000 installations world-wide.  The Dolphin solution’s efficacy (controlling biological activity, scale and corrosion in cooling towers) has been rigorously evaluated and validated through multiple independent research studies documented in prestigious organizations such as CTI, ASHRAE, NACE, etc.  Many Fortune 500 companies are repeat customers who have been delighted with the significant water savings, reducedoperating expenses and improved facility safety they have achieved with Dolphin WaterCare.


Myth: "The Dolphin is just another magnet-based water treatment system."

Fact: The Dolphin WaterCare system uses proven pulse-power technology to deliver reliable and sustainable control of scale, corrosion and biological activity.  The Dolphin WaterCare system does NOT use magnets.

Myth: "The Cycles of Concentration claimed by Dolphin WaterCare doesn't match up with their set point."

Fact: Dolphin WaterCare works by physically treating water.  Specifically, the Dolphin’s pulsed-powertreatment activates suspended particles naturally present in cooling water which enables precipitation to occur around the suspended particles rather than forming scale on the walls/tubes of your HVAC process cooling and refrigeration equipment.  Thus, a Dolphin-treated system operates in a saturated environment where calcium carbonate precipitates from solution lowering the conductivity (or TDS) of the cooling water.  While Dolphin WaterCare conductivity set point may be lower than expected, cycles of concentration determination using ASHRAE recommended methods of chloride ratio or water mass balance clearly show higher cycles of concentration than one would expect from the conductivity set point.

Myth: "Dolphin-treated water appears to exhibit missing calcium hardness; therefore the Dolphin treatment must be scaling the equipment."

Fact: This common claim is quickly dismissed by reviewing how the Dolphin technology works.  As described above, the Dolphin’s pulsed-power treatment activates suspended particles naturally present in cooling water promoting precipitation around the suspended particles rather than forming scale on the walls/tubes of your HVAC equipment.  Thus, a Dolphin-treated system operates in a saturated environment where a targeted amount of calcium carbonate precipitates out of solution as harmless Dolphin powder. Therefore, the missing calcium does not indicate scale; it is merely validating that the Dolphin system is working as expected.

Myth: "The Dolphin Powder is going to clog up your system and basin."

Fact: By design, the Dolphin’s pulsed-power water treatment creates a targeted amount Dolphin powder (see above).  This harmless powder is typically managed by normal blowdown.  In rare cases a filtration unit may be needed to manage powder; this determination is made during the initial site review with Dolphin WaterCare and, if needed, has a negligible impact on system payback.

Myth: "The Dolphin can't control the bacteria that cause biofilm; you need chemicals to do this."

Fact: Biological control is one of the Dolphin system’s strongest attributes.  Where chemical water treatment must use aggressive surfactants, bio-dispersants and toxic biocides, the Dolphin system achieves superior biological control through encapsulation (bacteria trapped in Dolphin Powder) and electroporation (bacteria cell walls damaged through pulsed-power treatment).  Dolphin WaterCare treated systems have bacteria levels below industry guidelines.  In fact, it is not uncommon for Dolphin-treated water to have lower biological counts than the accepted standards for drinking water.

Myth: "You can't just install a Dolphin and expect it to magically handle all of your water treatment needs."

Fact: This myth is true!  Dolphin WaterCare transformed its business model in 2011 to ensure customer delight through world-class water treatment service through the creation of a DolphinWaterCare Service organization.  This group is comprised of highly-skilled technicians with a unique blend of HVAC and water treatment expertise.  Additionally, the Dolphin Service organization includes a fleet of fully-equipped service trucks ensuring that each technician has the equipment and tools needed to handle any situation.

Key elements of Dolphin WaterCare service:

  • Maintain proper and naturally occurring cooling water chemistry through on-site analysis of water and real-time determination of set point

  • Monitor bacteria control through quantification of bacteria population

  • Ensure effective and efficient function of water treatment equipment through:

    • Verification of Dolphin equipment and accessory equipment efficacy

    • Maintenance and calibration of control equipment

    • Provide peace-of-mind that comes from regular and informative system service/health reports

Myth: "Dolphin WaterCare is not yet a Fortune 500 company and therefore unable to fully support customers like the big chemical companies can."

Fact: Customer delight is essential for Dolphin WaterCare to fully transform how an industryoperates.  Recognizing this, the Dolphin Service organization was created in 2011 (see above).  Through this service organization, Clearwater ensures that our customers receive world-class water treatment service and support with each Dolphin system. Additionally, all Dolphin-serviced customers receive a 10-year warranty on the Dolphin system.  Clearwater Systems fully stands behind every Dolphin System we service and that won’t ever change.

Myth: "To comply with industry standards on Legionella control, chemical treatment is needed."

Fact: Leading industry organizations such as ASHRAE require that water treatment methods for cooling towers and evaporative condensers provide control of scale, microbiological activity and corrosion. Use of a Dolphin WaterCare treatment program meets all these requirements.  Dolphin WaterCare treatment has been successfully treating the open loop of cooling systems for over a decade.  Efficacy in controlling scale, microbiological activity and corrosion by Dolphin WaterCare treatment programs has been demonstrated in extensive field studies over the last 15 years and through excellent water treatment performance of thousands of Dolphin Systems since 1998.  We've created a site devoted to this topic that includes a knowledge library and FAQ: 188standard.com

Myth: "The Dolphin WaterCare system only has a 1-year warranty."

Fact: The core Dolphin System equipment consists of a treatment module and a signal generator.  The elegant system has no moving parts and is designed to last for over 10 years.  Many of our earliest installations are still going strong 14 years later! Through our service organization, Clearwater ensures that our customers receive world-class water treatment service and support with each Dolphin system. Additionally, all Dolphin-serviced customers receive a 10-year warranty on the Dolphin system.  We stand behind every system we service.

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How Cleantech Entrepreneurs Can Respond to the Worsening Freshwater Shortage

Posted by Mike Glynn on October 1, 2013 @ 01:38 PM

With over 1.1 billion people without access to clean drinking water, our global water crisis requires a fundamental change in how we view, manage and treat water.  The United Nations’ 2012 World Water Development Report cites four key contributors to our current water shortages: economic growth, increased population, rapid increase in the need for food and energy and climate issues.  As pointed out in the recent Yale Insights article, the study’s conclusions point to the fact that freshwater availability is complex problem that must be considered in all of civilization’s development efforts.  

To that end, the world of cleantech has a crucial role to play in ensuring a sustainable water supply for future generations.  In the Yale Insights interview below, Anupam Bhargava (Clearwater Systems CEO) discusses cleantech, entrepreneurship, and opportunities for increased water availability.

AB yale video screenshot


 In the video, Bhargava addresses the following topics:

  • The relationship between economic development and water use
  • Raising awareness and educating the marketplace
  • Social responsibility: going beyond passion for a cause


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Water Re-use: How Businesses and Municipalities are Improving Water Availability

Posted by Mike Glynn on September 25, 2013 @ 01:38 PM

Water re-use at both the municipal wastewater level and the commercial building level is poised to deliver a dramatic increase in water availability to communities across the U.S..  This is the topic of Water Efficiency Magazine’s cover story in its current issue.

Water Re-use and Dolphin WaterCare; Water Efficiency Magazine cover storyThe article profiles progressive communities such as Orange County, CA who are utilizing reclaimed wastewater for potable water.  In water-challenged areas such as Southern California, these programs are allowing for the county to import less outside water and save money. 

While this type of progress at the wastewater level is sorely needed, there is also a growing demand for water re-use at the commercial building level.  As Clearwater CEO, Anupam Bhargava, notes: “Commercial/industrial buildings consume more than 10 billion gallons of potable water daily.  Much of that water goes into the cooling system of a building.  That’s an invisible water consumption that no one thinks about”.

In the article, Bhargava explains how the Dolphin WaterCare solution is enabling customers to re-use HVAC discharge water for greywater applications such as irrigation.  This ability to re-use water is helping to lessen the strain on over-burdened municipal water treatment plants.  Water re-use is just one of the many compelling benefits of the Dolphin WaterCare solution for sustainable water treatment.  In addition to water re-use, Dolphin customers typically see dramatic water savings, operational cost savings, improved facility safety, world-class HVAC system health, and the ability to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points.

To learn more about how the Dolphin WaterCare solution can impact water and operational cost savings, download this compelling infographic that details the water and environmental savings for a typical 1,200 ton cooling system treated with Dolphin WaterCare.

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The Global Water Crisis: Making a Positive Impact with Sustainable Water Treatment

Posted by Anupam Bhargava on July 12, 2013 @ 12:43 PM

Anupam 1430

About the author: Anupam Bhargava is the CEO of Clearwater Systems - See Full Bio




The need for solutions to our growing global water crisis is real, although so many of us (individuals and businesses alike) take water for granted, rarely giving a second thought to how much we use.  A report issued by the United Nations in 2006 concludes that the global water crisis is largely the result of governance issues while others, particularly leading economists, cite a mix of government regulations, lack of property rights, and subsidizing in the water sector, resulting in low prices and high consumption.

It is a complex problem with many contributing factors, but one thing is painfully clear; while demands for water increase, current supply and infrastructure are woefully inadequate to meet these ever increasing demands.  The unfortunate truth is that approximately one billion people do not have reliable access to water that is safe to consume.  Without effective, wide-spread solutions, the crisis will only get worse.  

Businesses finding new ways to reduce water use: see how a landmark hotel in San Francisco is achieving dramatic water efficiency gains. See Dolphin WaterCare at the 1:50 mark.

When we think about the built enviroment, it is astounding how much water is consumed in the operation of commercial buildings alone.  On a daily basis, commercial office buildings in the United States alone consume 10 billion - yes, that's billion with a B - gallons of water, daily.  Not surprisingly, HVAC systems account for a substantial chunk of this daily usage.  This just underscores the varied opportunities we have to reduce our global water consumption and it is not limited to the well-known water consumers agriculture and residential.  Water resource efficiency in all aspects of civilization is clearly essential not only for the world's population today, but importantly for future generations.

It's easy to say we should all be more responsible when it comes to water usage, focusing on less waste.  While this is true, it will take a far greater effort to truly move the needle.  As a trusted provider of sustainable water treatment solutions, Clearwater Systems is committed to helping solve the world's most demanding sustainability challenges in buildings around the globe.

While there are many chemical water treatment options available for facility owners and operators, each have their own set of pros and cons.  Most traditional chemical treatment options feature corrosion inhibitors and biocides that negatively impact not only the environment, but human health. Additionally, chemical use and handling represents extensive risks for facility operators throughout the lifecycle of chemical process: transportation, storage and handling onsite, drift and evaporation from cooling towers, and disposal of chemical-laden discharge water.  The impact is felt further downstream as already overburdened water treatment plants have to treat the chemical-laden discharge water.

The proven Dolphin WaterCare solution for sustainable facility cooling water treatment offers numerous benefits without chemicals, including:

  • Pollution prevention

  • Water savings

  • Energy savings

  • Re-use of blowdown water for greywater applications

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Reduced operating expenses

  • Reduced EH&S risks

One of our customers, a flagship property with the largest hotel group in the world, is realizing tremendous water savings with Dolphin WaterCare which has helped them achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.  See how Dolphin WaterCare is helping this prestigious hotel: see the 1:50 mark in the video):

Today, progressive businesses want to do their part to conserve precious resources vital to life on our planet.  While water efficiency is highly important, eliminating hazardous chemicals used to treat cooling water is also critical, as many of these chemicals end up in waste water treatment facilities that are already over-strained.

As a trusted leader in sustainable water treatment, Dolphin WaterCare delivers tremendous impact not only in terms of the environment, but to our customers' bottom lines as well.  While no single area of focus will conquer our global water crisis, I am proud to lead a company that is improving water efficiency in the built environment.  After all, we all live downstream.



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