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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Water Treatment

Posted by Mike Glynn on April 23, 2014 @ 10:36 AM


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Top 5 Reasons to choose sustainable water treatment

Dolphin WaterCare has been providing environmentally responsible water treatment solutions for over 15 years.  Our proven, patented technology has been installed in cooling towers and condensers treating chilling systems, process heat exchangers, cooling towers, refrigeration and other process equipment at a wide range of facilities around the World, including supermarkets, hotels, datacenters, processing plants, campus environments and many more.


Eliminate Chemicals, Go Green!

Environmental health and safety of your facility is improved by eliminating the risks associated with the complete life-cycle of chemicals used in traditional cooling water treatment.  In fact, Dolphin has earned LEED points towards more than 350 LEED-certified buildings (including new construction and retrofit/EBOM).  See how Dolphin WaterCare works


World-class Water Treatment

Our highly-skilled technicians are equipped with the skills and tools to handle any water treatment-related issue.  They also deliver comprehensive service reports that detail the full health of your cooling system.  Take a virtual tour through a Dolphin Service Visit




Water and Energy Savings

In most cases, Dolphin WaterCare enables water savings through higher cycles of concentration.  Additionally, the blowdown water is chemical-free which allows for re-use of this water for secondary applications.  And, by eliminating biofilm, optimal heat transfer efficiency is ensured.  See the water savings achieved by the InterContinental Hotel when they switched from chemicals to Dolphin


Reduced Operating Costs

For some, this is reason #1 to switch to sustainable water treatment!  By providing world-class water treatment without the use of chemicals, your facility saves money.  And, when you consider the cost savings from water use reduction and energy efficiency improvements, you have a rare three'fer: water, energy and cost savings.  See the operational cost savings and payback achieved when the InterContinental Hotel went with a Dolphin retrofit installation to elimiate chemicals


You Call the Shots!

Installing the Dolphin as a retro-fit system is a very simple 4-8 hour process; this means we're ready when you are.  And with a $0 up-front capital cost option, you can start saving money from day one.

Harry Hobbs (Area Director of Engineering with the InterContinental Hotel Group) completed a Dolphin WaterCare retrofit in the iconic SF InterContinental Hotel in 2012.  View the full project profile (including a before/after savings comparison of a Dolphin WaterCare retrofit) of the San Francisco InterContinental Hotel Group) and watch the brief video clip





Bonus Reason


Peace of Mind


With Dolphin WaterCare service, not only is your cooling system in great hands, you can also rest assured knowing that your Dolphin WaterCare system with service includes up to a 10-year extended warranty.  Save water, energy, and money: today and tomorrow!







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