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Water Re-use: How Businesses and Municipalities are Improving Water Availability

Posted by Mike Glynn on September 25, 2013 @ 01:38 PM

Water re-use at both the municipal wastewater level and the commercial building level is poised to deliver a dramatic increase in water availability to communities across the U.S..  This is the topic of Water Efficiency Magazine’s cover story in its current issue.

Water Re-use and Dolphin WaterCare; Water Efficiency Magazine cover storyThe article profiles progressive communities such as Orange County, CA who are utilizing reclaimed wastewater for potable water.  In water-challenged areas such as Southern California, these programs are allowing for the county to import less outside water and save money. 

While this type of progress at the wastewater level is sorely needed, there is also a growing demand for water re-use at the commercial building level.  As Clearwater CEO, Anupam Bhargava, notes: “Commercial/industrial buildings consume more than 10 billion gallons of potable water daily.  Much of that water goes into the cooling system of a building.  That’s an invisible water consumption that no one thinks about”.

In the article, Bhargava explains how the Dolphin WaterCare solution is enabling customers to re-use HVAC discharge water for greywater applications such as irrigation.  This ability to re-use water is helping to lessen the strain on over-burdened municipal water treatment plants.  Water re-use is just one of the many compelling benefits of the Dolphin WaterCare solution for sustainable water treatment.  In addition to water re-use, Dolphin customers typically see dramatic water savings, operational cost savings, improved facility safety, world-class HVAC system health, and the ability to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points.

To learn more about how the Dolphin WaterCare solution can impact water and operational cost savings, download this compelling infographic that details the water and environmental savings for a typical 1,200 ton cooling system treated with Dolphin WaterCare.

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The Global Water Crisis: Making a Positive Impact with Sustainable Water Treatment

Posted by Anupam Bhargava on July 12, 2013 @ 12:43 PM

Anupam 1430

About the author: Anupam Bhargava is the CEO of Clearwater Systems - See Full Bio




The need for solutions to our growing global water crisis is real, although so many of us (individuals and businesses alike) take water for granted, rarely giving a second thought to how much we use.  A report issued by the United Nations in 2006 concludes that the global water crisis is largely the result of governance issues while others, particularly leading economists, cite a mix of government regulations, lack of property rights, and subsidizing in the water sector, resulting in low prices and high consumption.

It is a complex problem with many contributing factors, but one thing is painfully clear; while demands for water increase, current supply and infrastructure are woefully inadequate to meet these ever increasing demands.  The unfortunate truth is that approximately one billion people do not have reliable access to water that is safe to consume.  Without effective, wide-spread solutions, the crisis will only get worse.  

Businesses finding new ways to reduce water use: see how a landmark hotel in San Francisco is achieving dramatic water efficiency gains. See Dolphin WaterCare at the 1:50 mark.

When we think about the built enviroment, it is astounding how much water is consumed in the operation of commercial buildings alone.  On a daily basis, commercial office buildings in the United States alone consume 10 billion - yes, that's billion with a B - gallons of water, daily.  Not surprisingly, HVAC systems account for a substantial chunk of this daily usage.  This just underscores the varied opportunities we have to reduce our global water consumption and it is not limited to the well-known water consumers agriculture and residential.  Water resource efficiency in all aspects of civilization is clearly essential not only for the world's population today, but importantly for future generations.

It's easy to say we should all be more responsible when it comes to water usage, focusing on less waste.  While this is true, it will take a far greater effort to truly move the needle.  As a trusted provider of sustainable water treatment solutions, Clearwater Systems is committed to helping solve the world's most demanding sustainability challenges in buildings around the globe.

While there are many chemical water treatment options available for facility owners and operators, each have their own set of pros and cons.  Most traditional chemical treatment options feature corrosion inhibitors and biocides that negatively impact not only the environment, but human health. Additionally, chemical use and handling represents extensive risks for facility operators throughout the lifecycle of chemical process: transportation, storage and handling onsite, drift and evaporation from cooling towers, and disposal of chemical-laden discharge water.  The impact is felt further downstream as already overburdened water treatment plants have to treat the chemical-laden discharge water.

The proven Dolphin WaterCare solution for sustainable facility cooling water treatment offers numerous benefits without chemicals, including:

  • Pollution prevention

  • Water savings

  • Energy savings

  • Re-use of blowdown water for greywater applications

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Reduced operating expenses

  • Reduced EH&S risks

One of our customers, a flagship property with the largest hotel group in the world, is realizing tremendous water savings with Dolphin WaterCare which has helped them achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.  See how Dolphin WaterCare is helping this prestigious hotel: see the 1:50 mark in the video):

Today, progressive businesses want to do their part to conserve precious resources vital to life on our planet.  While water efficiency is highly important, eliminating hazardous chemicals used to treat cooling water is also critical, as many of these chemicals end up in waste water treatment facilities that are already over-strained.

As a trusted leader in sustainable water treatment, Dolphin WaterCare delivers tremendous impact not only in terms of the environment, but to our customers' bottom lines as well.  While no single area of focus will conquer our global water crisis, I am proud to lead a company that is improving water efficiency in the built environment.  After all, we all live downstream.



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