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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Water Treatment

Posted by Mike Glynn on April 23, 2014 @ 10:36 AM


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Top 5 Reasons to choose sustainable water treatment

Dolphin WaterCare has been providing environmentally responsible water treatment solutions for over 15 years.  Our proven, patented technology has been installed in cooling towers and condensers treating chilling systems, process heat exchangers, cooling towers, refrigeration and other process equipment at a wide range of facilities around the World, including supermarkets, hotels, datacenters, processing plants, campus environments and many more.


Eliminate Chemicals, Go Green!

Environmental health and safety of your facility is improved by eliminating the risks associated with the complete life-cycle of chemicals used in traditional cooling water treatment.  In fact, Dolphin has earned LEED points towards more than 350 LEED-certified buildings (including new construction and retrofit/EBOM).  See how Dolphin WaterCare works


World-class Water Treatment

Our highly-skilled technicians are equipped with the skills and tools to handle any water treatment-related issue.  They also deliver comprehensive service reports that detail the full health of your cooling system.  Take a virtual tour through a Dolphin Service Visit




Water and Energy Savings

In most cases, Dolphin WaterCare enables water savings through higher cycles of concentration.  Additionally, the blowdown water is chemical-free which allows for re-use of this water for secondary applications.  And, by eliminating biofilm, optimal heat transfer efficiency is ensured.  See the water savings achieved by the InterContinental Hotel when they switched from chemicals to Dolphin


Reduced Operating Costs

For some, this is reason #1 to switch to sustainable water treatment!  By providing world-class water treatment without the use of chemicals, your facility saves money.  And, when you consider the cost savings from water use reduction and energy efficiency improvements, you have a rare three'fer: water, energy and cost savings.  See the operational cost savings and payback achieved when the InterContinental Hotel went with a Dolphin retrofit installation to elimiate chemicals


You Call the Shots!

Installing the Dolphin as a retro-fit system is a very simple 4-8 hour process; this means we're ready when you are.  And with a $0 up-front capital cost option, you can start saving money from day one.

Harry Hobbs (Area Director of Engineering with the InterContinental Hotel Group) completed a Dolphin WaterCare retrofit in the iconic SF InterContinental Hotel in 2012.  View the full project profile (including a before/after savings comparison of a Dolphin WaterCare retrofit) of the San Francisco InterContinental Hotel Group) and watch the brief video clip





Bonus Reason


Peace of Mind


With Dolphin WaterCare service, not only is your cooling system in great hands, you can also rest assured knowing that your Dolphin WaterCare system with service includes up to a 10-year extended warranty.  Save water, energy, and money: today and tomorrow!







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Mixed-use Residential Skyscraper Reduces Water Use and Operating Costs Through Dolphin WaterCare Eco-friendly Water Treatment

Posted by Mike Glynn on October 16, 2013 @ 02:14 PM


Progressive New Haven landmark achieves significant water and economic benefits with the eco-friendly Dolphin WaterCare solution®

Built in 2010, 360 State Street in New Haven, CT (a mixed-use/residential skyscraper) has quickly become a landmark in the heart of historic New Haven, Connecticut. The building is one of only 3 in the state of Connecticut to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum status and is setting the tone for sustainable living in New Haven.


  360 State Street Dolphin WaterCare 

The Challenge: Improve facility safety, water efficiency and economic performance

360 State Street has set an uncompromising standard for sustainable building practices. The facility incorporates an impressive list of sustainable features, including: alternative energy fuel cell technology, green vehicle amenities, rainwater recapture system, green roof and advanced energy monitoring and optimization tools. Despite all of these progressive features, the facility was still relying on legacy, chemical-based water treatment for its cooling water which exposed the facility and its occupants to the many risks associated with chemical water treatment. The team at 360 State Street set out to remove the hazards of chemical water treatment while also earning additional points towards LEED certification.


“While LEED points were a driver for the selection of Dolphin WaterCare, the benefits we have seen go much further: our water use is significantly lower, our HVAC system is in excellent health and 360 State Street is an even safer facility as we have eliminated chemicals for cooling water treatment.” – Bruce R. Becker, AIA, AICP, 360 State Street Developer



IMG 4110       

The Solution: Dolphin WaterCare®

360 State Street selected the Dolphin WaterCare solution from Clearwater Systems to replace their chemical water treatment program. The Dolphin WaterCare system is a proven non-chemical water treatment solution for cooling towers that controls scale, corrosion and biological activity while enabling facilities to re-use discharge water from cooling systems that would otherwise be chemical-laden.

The Result: Improved facility safety and a significant reduction in water use and operating costs 

  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Water Savings through improved water efficiency (cycles of concentration ~12.5) 
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Reduced Operating Expenses: elimination of chemical program and benefit of evaporation credits 
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Improved Facility EH&S by eliminating storage, handling and disposal of chemicals
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Excellent HVAC System Health achieved with Dolphin WaterCare water treatment service
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Peace of Mind gained through real-time remote monitoring and oversight of the Dolphin-treated system


Download the PDF version of the 360 State Street Project Profile

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Low-hanging Fruit: LEED Points for Existing Buildings with Dolphin WaterCare

Posted by Mike Glynn on May 22, 2013 @ 04:20 PM

Key Takeaways:

  • Dolphin WaterCare can significantly improve building resource efficiency and contribute up to 7 LEED points for existing buildings

  • Dolphin WaterCare can be installed in less than a day and provide immediate economic and environmental benefits to facilities

  • Additional resources:

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Increasing focus on Sustainability

With the continued focus on resource efficiency and sustainability within the building industry it is estimated that over 50% of all non-residential construction in the US will be rated as green.

The primary measurement system used in the US to quantify the amount of “greenness” or sustainability a building design has achieved is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). 


Dolphin WaterCare Reduces Water Demand

There are over 4.9 million commercial buildings in the U.S., and in aggregate, these buildings use significant quantities of water.  In a typical office building, the heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system uses 33% of the total water demand.  Thousands of Dolphin WaterCare chemical-free water treatment systems have been deployed successfully around the world and have demonstrated a reduction in potable water use and wastewater discharges while achieving superior corrosion, scale and bacteria control.  And, because the water discharge or blow-down from a cooling system with Dolphin WaterCare is chemical-free, it can be reused (e.g., landscaping irrigation) to further reduce potable water demand.


LEED Points for Installing Dolphin WaterCare  

Dolphin WaterCare has been a solid contributor to the attainment of LEED points in over 350 buildings.  The majority of these LEED points have been for new construction, but about ten percent were for existing buildings.  In the LEED program Existing Buildings: Operation & Maintenance (EBOM), Dolphin WaterCare contributes points in the following Credit Categories: 

  • Water Efficiency - Dolphin WaterCare has earned points for cooling tower water management and water efficient landscaping.  To earn (1) point for cooling tower water management, a plan must be developed and implemented.  The plan must address cooling water treatment, blow-down, biological control, and maintenance training.  Dolphin WaterCare has written these plans for past projects, which can be readily customized for new opportunities.  Additional points (up to 5) can be attained under the category of water efficient landscaping if the cooling tower blow-down is reused for irrigation.  If this reuse results in a 50% reduction in potable water for irrigation, 1 point is awarded.  If 100% reduction is attained, 5 points are awarded (intermediate levels are 2 points for 62.5%, 3 points for 75%, 4 points for 87.5%).

  • Innovation in Operations – Dolphin WaterCare has earned a 1 point for this category.  This credit is earned by completing a submittal that addresses specific areas of interest by the USGBC.  These are environmental benefits, compliance, and performance metrics achieved by deploying the Dolphin WaterCare system.  Dolphin WaterCare has created this submittal for a majority of its 350 LEED certified projects and has consistently been successful in earning the 1 point credit in this category. 

Other Credit Categories where Dolphin WaterCare could potentially earn LEED points include: 

  • Indoor Environmental Quality – through the elimination of chemicals, Dolphin WaterCare reduces the exposure of building occupants and the surrounding community to potentially harmful contaminants. 

  • Regional Priority – Dolphin WaterCare can earn points on regulatory priorities in geographic regions. 

  • Innovation in Operations: Exemplary Performance – Dolphin WaterCare can earn points though improving water efficiency metrics.


Dolphin WaterCare Staff Handles Support Documentation for LEED Point Submittals

Dolphin WaterCare works directly with project managers on LEED projects to obtain required information and generate the actual LEED submittal package.  Essentially, Dolphin WaterCare does all the paperwork to expedite the acquisition of LEED points.  Dolphin WaterCare also provides its contact information to respond to any inquires of the USGBC review board regarding the submittal package.  


In a Nutshell:

We have been a member of the USGBC since 2001. The Dolphin WaterCare non-chemical treatment system for cooling towers has earned LEED points on more than 350 projects. Since 2003, Dolphin WaterCare has proven to be a powerful asset to architects and engineers working to achieve LEED certification for their building projects.  We can help you attain LEED points and deliver significant savings to your bottom line while delivering world-class water treatment that ensures peak performance of your cooling system.  Sign up for a free assessment to see how Dolphin WaterCare can help you reach your sustainability goals (and reduce operating costs!).

Download the entire whitepaper complete with detailed appendices:

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Clearwater Systems Celebrates Earth Day, Unveils LEED® Silver Certification Plaque for its Headquarters Facility

Posted by Mike Glynn on April 29, 2013 @ 03:17 PM

Clearwater Systems celebrated Earth Day this week by unveiling the recently-earned LEED®  Silver certification for its headquarters building to assembled guests and employees.

“We are proud to be headquartered in this new LEED Silver-certified building,” stated Anupam Bhargava, CEO of Clearwater Systems. “This move exemplifies our mission and commitment to resource efficiency and further demonstrates that sustainability is not only a key attribute of our products, it is a foundational corporate value.”


Pictured (left to right): Clearwater Systems CFO Dean Nichols, Sales VP Bob Tierney, LEED AP, developers Michael Tyre, AIA, LEED AP and Lennie Leibenhaut, CTGBC Board Member, Vin Chiocchio.


The facility integrates a number of green building technologies and practices resulting in a tremendously energy efficient building and a healthy working environment for employees. For instance, the facility utilizes solar panel arrays on the roof that produce 19 kW of power annually and employs Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology for the heating and cooling system which provides exceptional efficiency and indoor air quality. The collective green features provide an estimated 35% savings on total energy consumption. The project was recognized with a Merit Award of distinction in 2012 by the Connecticut Green Building Council.

 Clearwater Systems Headquarters

Clearwater's LEED Silver-Certified headquarters in Middletown CT

While the LEED certification is the first for a Clearwater Systems facility, the Dolphin WaterCare systemhas enabled customers to earn LEED points spanning over 350 green building projects to date. The company is focused on the design and delivery of advanced water treatment solutions that support building resource efficiency – primarily water and energy savings – while contributing to pollution prevention and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The well-attended event featured building developers Michael Tyre, AIA, LEED AP and Lennie Leibenhaut, the Clearwater Systems team and CTGBC Board Member, Vin Chiocchio.

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