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Mixed-use Residential Skyscraper Reduces Water Use and Operating Costs Through Dolphin WaterCare Eco-friendly Water Treatment

Posted by Mike Glynn on October 16, 2013 @ 02:14 PM


Progressive New Haven landmark achieves significant water and economic benefits with the eco-friendly Dolphin WaterCare solution®

Built in 2010, 360 State Street in New Haven, CT (a mixed-use/residential skyscraper) has quickly become a landmark in the heart of historic New Haven, Connecticut. The building is one of only 3 in the state of Connecticut to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum status and is setting the tone for sustainable living in New Haven.


  360 State Street Dolphin WaterCare 

The Challenge: Improve facility safety, water efficiency and economic performance

360 State Street has set an uncompromising standard for sustainable building practices. The facility incorporates an impressive list of sustainable features, including: alternative energy fuel cell technology, green vehicle amenities, rainwater recapture system, green roof and advanced energy monitoring and optimization tools. Despite all of these progressive features, the facility was still relying on legacy, chemical-based water treatment for its cooling water which exposed the facility and its occupants to the many risks associated with chemical water treatment. The team at 360 State Street set out to remove the hazards of chemical water treatment while also earning additional points towards LEED certification.


“While LEED points were a driver for the selection of Dolphin WaterCare, the benefits we have seen go much further: our water use is significantly lower, our HVAC system is in excellent health and 360 State Street is an even safer facility as we have eliminated chemicals for cooling water treatment.” – Bruce R. Becker, AIA, AICP, 360 State Street Developer



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The Solution: Dolphin WaterCare®

360 State Street selected the Dolphin WaterCare solution from Clearwater Systems to replace their chemical water treatment program. The Dolphin WaterCare system is a proven non-chemical water treatment solution for cooling towers that controls scale, corrosion and biological activity while enabling facilities to re-use discharge water from cooling systems that would otherwise be chemical-laden.

The Result: Improved facility safety and a significant reduction in water use and operating costs 

  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Water Savings through improved water efficiency (cycles of concentration ~12.5) 
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Reduced Operating Expenses: elimination of chemical program and benefit of evaporation credits 
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Improved Facility EH&S by eliminating storage, handling and disposal of chemicals
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Excellent HVAC System Health achieved with Dolphin WaterCare water treatment service
  DolphinWaterCare logo with R chat version (80x80)   Peace of Mind gained through real-time remote monitoring and oversight of the Dolphin-treated system


Download the PDF version of the 360 State Street Project Profile

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